HCG Diet

What is the HCG Diet?

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a specialist on obesity and weight regulation, introduced a program that has helped many people overcome weight loss resistance.  The program utilizes a natural hormone that is produced during pregnancy called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).  Dr. Simeons’ theory is that HCG causes the hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal fat stores.  When administered in relatively small doses and coupled with a very low calorie diet, people routinely lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

HCG has helped thousands of people lose those stubborn pounds.  In addition to weight loss, many patients who have completed the HCG program also experienced many other health benefits, including a drop in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Many Thanks to Dr. Jessie!

I lost 65 pounds since starting the HCG diet with a HUGE amount of help from Dr. Jessie.
I started the diet at 292 on 6/06/2011.   The 1st two weeks I was losing 2 pounds per day. The huge weight loss at the beginning of the diet helped motivate me to not cheat on this diet.   I have been on a lot of other diets and this was the easiest one by far. All I had to do was eat what was outlined and I lost weight. After the first week I had tons of energy.
My goal is to reach between 195—200 at which point I will be back to the weight I was when I met my wife 14 years ago.
Talk to Dr. Jessie and join me in this weight loss program!!!!

What is the Hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is a part of the diencephalon area of our brain.  This is the vital part of the brain which controls all of the autonomic functions of the body, including breathing, heart beat, digestion, sleep and the complex functions of the endocrine system.  One of the many functions of the endocrine system is regulation and control of you metabolism and weight.

How does HCG help me lose weight?

HCG appears to act on the hypothalamus, signaling the body to release stores fat into the bloodstream where it is then available to be used by the cells for nourishment.  This alone will not cause weight loss, though, unless you reduce your food intake.  This forces the body to use the mobilized fat from the bloodstream.  HCG causes the release of abnormal fat without affecting structural fat and muscle tissue.  Which means you lose in those stubborn areas—hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms!

Eliminating the Rebound effect

Fat gains weight faster than muscle.  This is a known fact.  So when you change the proportion of body fat to muscle in your body during treatment with the HCG you actually diminishing your chances of rebounding back to your original weight.  Once the treatment with low calorie diet ends (approximately four weeks, depending on the weight loss objective) patients go through a “maintenance” period where the level of calories is restored to the usual rate according to body type, but all ingredients that could be stored by the body as fat are restricted.  In this way, the body realigns itself to a normal eating routine, but does not increment the fat storage, which greatly diminishes the risk of rebounding back to the original weight.

During treatment you will quickly lose weight, but maintain your muscle mass, and the weight loss will be concentrated in those areas that are the most complicated to reduce.

Do I have to follow a special diet while I take the HCG drops?

Yes.  You must follow the entire HCG Diet Protocol.  HCG is only effective for weight loss if it is taken while strictly following the diet protocol, including the 500 calorie diet.  Taking HCG alone (without the diet) will not cause you to lose weight.  HCG takes effect when you reduce your food intake so that the mobilized fat will be used for your body’s energy needs.  If you fail to follow the diet you will fail to lose weight.  If you only follow the diet without taking HCG, you are simply starving yourself because there is no fat in the bloodstream to burn.  Simply put, both are required.

What foods am I allowed to eat?

The HCG diet is balanced, unlike many extreme “fad” diets out there.  It consists of a healthy variety of protein, vegetables and fruit, with a small amount of starch.  You eat them in specific portions and combinations.  Allowed proteins are veal (low grade), beef (95% lean whole cuts), chicken breast (boneless, skinless), crab, crayfish, lobster, shrimp and any fresh, white-fleshed fish.  Allowed vegetables are asparagus, beet greens, cabbage, celery, chard, chicory greens, cucumber, fennel, green salad, onion, red radishes, spinach and tomato.  Allowed fruits are apples, strawberries, oranges and grapefruit.  Limited starches include grissini (breadstick) or Melba toast.

Why can’t I just go on a 500 calorie diet without the HCG?

In order to answer this question you need to understand how the body stores and uses fat.  

Normal Fat:  This type of fat can be likened to a checking account from which the body can easily draw energy or deposit it as needed.  Normal fat doesn’t take a lot of effort to lose.

Structural Fat:  Pads the various organs, protects the arteries and cushions the bony prominences.  You don’t ever want to lose this fat.  It is vital to your health and well-being.  Yet, on the typical “starvation” diet, this is the fat you lose when the normal fat is depleted.

Abnormal Fat:  This is much like a bank safe deposit box, where fat is stored and basically locked away.  This fat is very difficult to lose via exercise and calorie restriction, but with the help of HCG the body readily pulls fat from these “last resort” fat stores.

Bottom Line:  If you go on a 500 calorie diet without HCG, the body uses the normal fat and then starts to use the structural fat and muscle.  Losing your structural fat and muscle tissue can adversely affect you health and well-being.  In addition, “starvation” diets without HCG can cause you to be excessively hungry, which is typically not true for those using HCG drops.

Will I be hungry on the HCG diet?

On HCG, the vast majority indicate they were either not hungry (unlike other diets where they were starving), or they felt in control and surprisingly little hunger and had plenty of energy.  That aligns perfectly with Dr. Simeons’ theories about the fat-releasing properties of HCG; in essence, HCG is helping you get the majority of energy and calories from stored fat instead of only food in your stomach.

Everyone is different-and some report mild hunger in the first week as their body adjusts-but it has become very clear that the healthy HCG diet plan is something very special, something out of the ordinary.  Since your body will be burning stored fat for energy, it is most definitely NOT just a 500-calorie diet; you will actually be living off of about 1200-1300 calories a day.  In addition, the HCG diet starts with a “gorging” phase, which helps load the body with calories to use during transmission into the low-calorie phase.  People who faithfully follow the protocol and stick to it will see fantastic results.

Do I have to exercise while on the HCG diet?

No.  Exercise is not a mandatory part of the program.  While vigorous exercise may increase the amount of weight you lose while on this plan, it is not a significant increase and is not recommended, because on a 500 calorie diet you can easily become too exhausted.  That leads to discouragement and frustration.  However, we do recommend moderate activity for all of the other benefits you receive, including stress relief and cardiovascular health.

If you are already accustomed to exercising at a certain level and would like to continue, do so, but do not over do it.  Pay attention to your body’s response.  Scale down the intensity of the workouts if: (1) you don’t have the energy to get through it; (2) you start feeling ill or light headed; (3) you gain weight the next day; or (4) you don’t have the energy to get through the day after you work out.

Our suggestion for those who want to exercise is that you walk for 20-30 minutes daily.  Walking is great exercise and contributes to your health in a variety of ways.  It helps relieve stress, keeps the bowels moving, conditions your cardiovascular system and encourages better blood/oxygen circulation.  When you are finished with the HCG diet regimen and are back on a regular diet you can then pick up the intensity of your exercise routines.

Should women use HCG during their monthly menstrual cycle?

No. The best time for women to start the program is immediately after their period.  If they want to go on the 30 day program, simply stop the HCG drops on the heavy days of the cycle, continue the 500-calorie diet and then start the HCG drops again after the heavy days are finished.

Does HCG work for everyone?

Although HCG is naturally produced only in pregnant women, as a diet aid it works the same for men and women.  Most people on this program report losing between 0.5 to 1 pound per day, and claim it is the only program where they have been able to keep the weight off afterward.  However, as with any drug or medication, or even with food (e.g., allergies), there is individual variation in its efficacy.  Everyone is familiar with the fact that doctors often have to change people’s medications because they don’t respond as expected.  So although HCG is effective for the great majority of people who try it, there is logically no promise that it will work for everyone, every time.

What is the difference between homeopathic HCG drops and HCG injections?

Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world.  It has been the primary medical system of choice for a great number of people in other countries for many years, with the allopathic methods being their secondary choice. (Allopathic healthcare is what we have here in the United States, which relies on pharmaceutical drugs and surgical procedures.)  Homeopathics have been used for many years to very effectively bring about healing and better health without the negative consequences and side effects that allopathic methods often have.  Its popularity in the United States has grown dramatically over the last decade because homeopathy is effective, all natural and safe.  There are no dangerous side effects with homeopathic remedies, and they can be taken along with other medications without worrying about adverse reactions.

Homeopathic formulations function on the theory of “like heals like” and that a very small amount of the active ingredient brings about change, because of the unique way homeopathic products are produced.  Homeopathic HCG is produced by taking pure full strength HCG and making it into a sublingual mixture through a process of dilution and succession.  True homeopathic products, when tested in a typical lab, will come back negative for the active ingredient because the ingredient actually exists as a unique energy signature of imprint in the carrier liquid that cannot be measured chemically.  This is also the reason homeopathic HCG drops will not show positive on a pregnancy test.  It is important to realize that physical elements interact and affect each other in more ways than just chemically.  Homeopathic products have continually baffled the American Medical Association when they fail in their chemical lab tests, yet are very successful when put to work in the human body.  This has certainly been the case with homeopathic HCG used in the HCG diet program.

Another difference is the method of administration.  Sublingual HCG drops are used by placing them under the tongue, and are rich in capillaries, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.  Our homeopathic HCG is manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory in the United States, and is prepared per the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Those who should NOT take HCG

Anyone with heart disease

Women with ovarian cysts

Those with diabetes type I

Men with testicular or prostate cancer

HCG may aggravate gout

If you have bladder issues, HCG can aggravate your condition due to the limited fat intake

Some HCG Tips

Put 7-10 drops of HCG under your tongue 3x a day.  Hold drops under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.  Wait 10-15 minutes before eating or drinking.

Do not use lotions or cosmetics.  You may use some light powder and eye makeup.  Avoid heavy makeup, lip gloss, etc.  Use oil free sunscreen only.

You may get a headache the first few days of taking the HCG.  Take a hot shower to help and increase your water intake to help.

Do not cook with any oils!!  You may use seasonings, salt, pepper, water and vinegar.

You may eat your servings of fruit and breadsticks/melba toast as snacks in between meals.

Remember to record all of your food and drinks during the program.

Don’t forget to take before and after pictures.  Take one from the front and one from the side.  This will help you see the physical differences since starting the program.

If you must us lotions, use one that is glycerin based.  Here are some examples:

Alba Oil Free face moisturizer

Kiss My Face Oil Free

Dove Go Fresh moisture body lotion

Lancome and Regenerie both make oil free lotions

Neutrogena Oil Free face moisturizer

Aloe Vera 100% gel


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  • "After seeing the weight loss sign in the window and talking at length with Dr. Mullen, I decided to give the HCG Diet a try.
    In thirty days, I lost 22 pounds, and a total of 16 inches, 4 inches in my hips and 2.5 inches in each thigh! And, my blood pressure dropped from 160/92 to 126/70. What more could I ask for."
    Becky - Cornelius, NC