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HCG Diet Testimonials

Chris’s Testimonial (Jan. 2012)

I lost 65 pounds since starting the HCG diet with a HUGE amount of help from Dr. Jessie.

I started the diet at 292 on 6/06/2011.   The 1st two weeks I was losing 2 pounds per day. The huge weight loss at the beginning of the diet helped motivate me to not cheat on this diet.   I have been on a lot of other diets and this was the easiest one by far. All I had to do was eat what was outlined and I lost weight. After the first week I had tons of energy.

My goal is to reach between 195—200 at which point I will be back to the weight I was when I met my wife 14 years ago.

Becky’s Testimonial

For most of my life, I have struggled with my weight.  It seems that my family is cursed with heavy hips and thighs, and no amount of dieting or working out made a difference.  As a matter of fact, my trainer told me on numerous occasions, “Becky, you can’t spot reduce!”

After seeing the weight loss sign in the window and talking at length with Dr. Mullen, I decided to give the HCG Diet a try. 

In thirty days, I lost 22 pounds, and a total of 16 inches, 4 inches in my hips and 2.5 inches in each thigh!  And, my blood pressure dropped from 160/92 to 126/70.

What more could I ask for.

Continuing with the maintenance program has allowed me to continue to lose weight and feel great.  I will never again have to hate looking in the mirror.

I have recommended this program already to several folks, and will continue to do so.

Barbara’s Testimonial (10/31/2011)

Diana has lost 26 pounds and I have lost 23 as of this morning.

It really was a great program!  We got a little bored with the food choices and had a hard time not drinking anything but water, coffee and green tea at first but then really started to feel the weight loss and got into it.  I think it was more the thought that we couldn’t have something than an actual desire or need for it.  I was not hungry and had no energy loss. We plan to begin exercising at least a few times a week now and to change our lifestyle slowly over the next couple of months before doing the cycle again.

Thank you! Thanks you! Thank you!!!!   I cannot tell you how much this has changed my thought processes and the way I look at food.  I am not cured, by any means; but I have begun to face my food addictions and to really think about the way I have let things get out of control.  I have been sort of passively “dieting” for the last 15 years or so (especially since I stopped smoking) but have always felt deprived or like I was losing out on something and like my life was one long diet.  I really feel that I have changed some things about myself – or at least recognized some things that need to change.  I’m excited about the next three weeks of low carb and am looking forward to putting my new information about myself into practice.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for this!