Liver/GI Cleanse

This program is designed to support your body in many ways by optimizing digestion and strengthening your immune system.  This includes supporting your liver's ability to remove and prevent the accumulation of toxins while enhancing your immune system by supporting your body's primary defense mechanisms and keeping the natural inflammatory process at bay.


     *Stabilizes and supports normal digestion

     *Helps prevent accumulation of toxins

     *Supports the liver to manage detoxification

     *Restores normal levels of energy and vitality

     *Better clarity and mental focus

     *More restful sleep

The program has three main components:

     *Introduction of anit-inflammatory foods and elimination of inflammatory foods

     *Specific nutritional supplements targeting the health and vitality of your digestion, liver and immune system

               *Harvest Fiber:  aims to soothe the digestive tract and contains a probiotic profile to further enhance digestive support

               *Innate Detox:  enhances the body's own ability to detoxify itself and clear the pathways to rid the body of harmful toxins

               *Inflamma-GI:  supports two vital aspects of the gastrointestinal tract-immunity and inflammation


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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "After seeing the weight loss sign in the window and talking at length with Dr. Mullen, I decided to give the HCG Diet a try.
    In thirty days, I lost 22 pounds, and a total of 16 inches, 4 inches in my hips and 2.5 inches in each thigh! And, my blood pressure dropped from 160/92 to 126/70. What more could I ask for."
    Becky - Cornelius, NC